Hi Jerome,

sorry for jumping in this late. Kevin already has given some advice on memory consumption, but as DomU already complains at a 1 GB DomU, I'm a bit baffled.

First of all, are you running persisted DomU configurations, or are you starting from config files? I remember having a rough time when I adjusted DomU configurations per file, but that didn't catch, as the (original) configuration was persisted.

How much memory have you configured for each of your DomUs?

When the "DomU won't start" problem occurs, what's in xend's log file (/var/log/xen/xend.log) or, if that just hints that the DomU was started, in the DomU's log (same directory)? What does "xm list" report (I'm lookng for the information of the then current run-time environemnt, like other DomUs running and Dom0 memory)?

Do you receive more information when starting the DomU via command line ("xm create ..." if per config file, "xm start" for persisted configuration)?