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Thread: /home partition faild mount

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    Re: /home partition faild mount

    Please read carefully # man xfs_repair:
    If the filesystem has not been unmounted cleanly, mount it and unmount it cleanly before running xfs_repair

    # umount /dev/sda5
    # mount /dev/sda5
    # umount /dev/sda5
    # dmesg |grep -i xfs
    => [    ] XFS (sda5): Mounting V5 Filesystem
    => [    ] XFS (sda5): Ending clean mount
    # xfs_repair /dev/sda5
    Probably hardware issue:
    - Backup with xfsdump/xfsrestore

    - Check your SSD/hard drive health state with smartctl:

    Use the more robust XFS v5 (mkfs.xfs parameter "-m crc=1"):
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