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Hi Simon,

Actually I have tried with SAPCAR already in first place and encounter the error.
ip-10-2-1-10:/hana/data/REV 166.12/51052924/DATA_UNITS/SAP HANA DATABASE 1.0 FOR B1/LINX64SUSE # ./SAPCAR_0-80000935.EXE -xvf IMDB_SERVER100_122_16.SAR
bash: ./SAPCAR_0-80000935.EXE: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
may I assume you have somehow transferred "./SAPCAR_0-80000935.EXE" to that directory manually? Where did it come from, a server of the same variant (OS / architecture)? It might be worth lookingat that file a bit closer to determine why you cannot invoke it without that format error.

# file "/hana/data/REV 166.12/51052924/DATA_UNITS/SAP HANA DATABASE 1.0 FOR B1/LINX64SUSE/SAPCAR_0-80000935.EXE"

ought to show some basic info about the file structure - and comparing checksums with the copy source might be helpful, too.