Sorry, I have less Linux experience.
We design mother board for our ODM customer. They requested platform must support Novell SLEPOS 11 distribution.
Is Novell SLEPOS 11 the same as SUSE SLEPOS 11 ?
I can download one 60 days trial version of SLEPOS 11 from web-site, but it said my trial license has expired.
- Iso file name : "SLE-11-SP3-POS-CD-i586-x86_64-GM-DVD.iso".
- File size : 94MB.

I burn this iso file to DVD and want to boot from it. But result is this DVD is not bootable.
I want to use USB tool "rufus" to put iso file to USB flash key. The tool also recognize this iso is not bootable.

Where can I download trial version of SLEPOS 11 iso file ?