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> gibt es eine Mglichkeit ein SLES for SAP 11.3 zu einem "normalen" SLES
> 11 SP4 zu migrieren? (x86_64bit Rechner)
> Evtl. mit SuSE Scripten?

I see from your reply that you consider this done and closed but
for the benefit of anyone else the above translated

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there is a possibility a SLES for SAP 11.3 to a "normal" SLES
11 SP4 to migrate? (x86_64bit calculator)
Possibly. with SuSE scripts?

Firstly migrating from SLES for SAP Applications is not supported
- see TID 7018744[1].

Bearing that in mind depending on which bits of SLES for SAP
Applications you're using you might be able to do the reverse of
TID 7015732[2] though it would be unsupported. You also wouldn't
be able to change Service Packs during any migration.

The supported option is to deploy a new server running "regular"
SLES11 SP4 then migrate data from your SAP server to


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