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Thread: PPTP VPN SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 client

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    Re: PPTP VPN SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 client

    djsalman143 wrote:

    > @KBOYLE hi
    > can i install openvpn client in suse linux if yes? is it have option
    > to auto redials rasdial system ? how to install.? and i need just auto
    > redial rasdial system....still vpn working fine they connect to the
    > vpn server but when they disconnect again reconnect manul i need auto
    > .or can i ad script or bash file something like to auto redial vpn
    > . please visit
    > this script can i add this one like that in suse linux ?

    Hi Salman,

    As the systems administrator it is up to you to decide which solution
    is best for you. We can offer suggestions and try to answer specific
    questions about SUSE products. We are unable to provide detailed
    instructions about installation, even for SUSE products. That's what
    the SUSE documentation is for.

    Based on the information you provided I recommend you look at a
    Site-to-Site VPN. Choosing the best one for your situation is not
    something we can do.

    There are many products available:
    - some are commercial products
    - some are open source
    - some are appliances
    - some require software to be installed on your servers

    You need to do some research:
    - find out what products are available
    - read the documentation
    - talk to the vendor
    - decide what is the best solution for you

    Perhaps it would be easier for you if you hired a consultant to help
    with this process?

    If you still want to use your original solution then I suggest you open
    a Service Request with SUSE technical support who can help you
    troubleshoot your problem and suggest a solution.

    Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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    Re: PPTP VPN SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 client

    NetworkManager-VPN-plugins like RPM NetworkManager-openconnect (for Cisco AnyConnect VPN), NetworkManager-openvpn (for OpenVPN) or NetworkManager-pptp (PPTP) are designed for "time limited dial-in VPN tunnels" (=> RAS).

    You should replace PPTP with a secure, "always-on" VPN tunnel solution. I recommend IKEv2/IPSec. StrongSwan is an official supported IKEv2/IPSec-VPN-Client and IKev2/IPSec-VPN-Server for SLE12.

    I recommend a Site-to-Site VPN (=> vpn endpoints on two network devices). Before you configure a vpn endpoint for IKEv2/IPSec, read the vpn configuration recommendations in BSI TR-02102-3:

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    Re: PPTP VPN SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 client

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