hi all. I create .NET window application in windows xp os. My back
end is sql server.

Now i want to run this exe file in linux. I download the wine for that
purpose and data direct odbc driver and configure the odbc.ini
file .
and install mono version of .net
and also install .net framework 2.0 sp1 using wine
Now when i run that exe in terminal
I get following error

linux-jffh:~/Desktop/Debug # wine IMMS.PlantMaintenance.exe
errle:OLEPictureImpl_Load Failure while reading picture header (hr is
0, nread is 0).
errle:OleLoadPicture IPersistStream_Load failed
fixme:gdiplus:GdipBitmapSetPixel not implemented
fixme:gdiplus:GdipGetImagePaletteSize 0x190c168 0x60f480

please reply me. it is very urgent, thank u

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