Hi... I hope maybe I can get some useful info to make this go smooth.
Current setup is running 3 servers with HA running on Sles 11 sp2. The servers and the san are being replaced.
I have done this before but looking for some easier paths to the end point. Currently support virtual machines
in the HA cluster. They are a combination of OES 2015 sp1 and a couple windows servers and an old netware
server that will be retired at this point.

Replacing with 2 new physical servers and a new san. The san will be migrated using the manufacturers tools
provided. I want to get this to Sles 11 SP4. I know before you say to go to sles 12 please leave that one alone
for now.

I guess the big question I have is it possible to have the 2 new servers installed in the HA cluster with SP4 and
leave the other servers at sp2. When everything is done being configure remove the SP2 servers from the HA
cluster and just have 2 servers running the cluster. I am not sure whether this is a clean way to do it. It sure
would make things a lot easier for sure.

Thank you for any info you could provide.