I am trying to apply updates to my system using Yast2. I get the following message:

"An error occurred during repository initialization. Error refreshing service SUSE_Package_Hub_15_x86_64 (https://scc.suse.com/access/services...ub_15_x86_64): Can't open file '/etc/zypp/repos.d/SUSE_Package_Hub_15_x86_64:SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages15-Source-Pool.repo' for writing.
I've gone to the file indicated and checked the ownership and it is root/root with read/write authority. And I can use kate to open it. I do not understand the problem so short of re-installing SLED 15, is there a fast fix for problems like this?

And believe me, re-isntallin SLED 15 is painful because of the UEFI Bios of this motherboard. Half the time when I have to reboot because of some kernel patch I can't get it to start again without resorting to a recovery boot.