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Thread: Recent Maint Installed (14APR19) -- Dual monitor resolution

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    Recent Maint Installed (14APR19) -- Dual monitor resolution

    I just put up maint yesterday and it said I needed to do a reboot.

    So I did the reboot this morning. I have been running two monitors of similar size and geometry. So they both ran at the same resolution until after the reboot.

    Now the DVI monitor is still at 1920x1080. But the VGA monitor has dropped to 1600x900. So all the FF, Office, etc. displays are there than they are on the DVI monitor because the resolution on the VGA monitor has been lowered. And it is not giving me the option to increase the resolution.

    Anyone else noticing anything like this? Or have any idea why this would happen after a reboot for kernel updates?

    The video adapter I have is a GeForce GT 730/PCIe/SSE2 with multiple output ports. And I am running a KDE environment.

    BTW - The VGA monitor is shared across a KVM switch and W10 has this VGA monitor at a resolution of 1920x1200 (which I think is what SLED had before this maint and reboot).
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