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Thread: Server crashes with a long BTRFS error list

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    Re: Server crashes with a long BTRFS error list

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    Check down in /var/log for big files, check those for clues (maybe even copy them off to an external drive), especially messages log.

    Maybe it's coredumping?

    If there are old logs you think can be deleted, remove those and see how it goes getting some disk space.
    Good, I think I could fix it after hours of desperate trying.
    These 3 threads did it:

    I summarize what I did:
    1. Start the VM in the rescue mode.
    2. mount /dev/xvda2 /mnt
    3. btrfs balance start -v --full-balance /mnt

    When I got Done, had to relocate 12 out of 12 chunks then it worked (1).
    When I got the message
    ERROR: error during balancing '/mnt' - No space left on device
    There may be more info in syslog - try dmesg | tail

    I had to proceed with (2).

    And here, I had two different situations:
    1) One VM has been completely recovered and works well even before the VM didn't start and crashed while booting - with other words the VM became void.
    2) The other VM was more persistent and really tiresome. I had to find a XenServer snapshot from the VM where the VM did at least start properly even it crashed within few seconds.

    Then, to check if it really works I was running some heavy disk access routines where before the VM crashed within seconds. Now, it runs without any problem.
    I hope, it will remain like this.
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