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That's tricky. If you use shared storage , you can use fence_scsi with pcmk_reboot_action="off" which will deregister the system from the shared storage.

In order to work properly, you need to put the IP after the file system resource in a single group. Once, the node is fenced - the filesystem will not be available and the node will stop everything after the filesystem resource (for example Shared IP + App).

Edit: Check my previous comment for an example.
Was trying to implement your suggestion but found that my SLES system (SLES15) doesnt have fence_scsi resource agent at all -

$ crm configre ra list stonith
apcmaster apcmastersnmp apcsmart
baytech cyclades drac3
external/drac5 external/dracmc-telnet external/ec2
external/hetzner external/hmchttp external/ibmrsa
external/ibmrsa-telnet external/ipmi external/ippower9258
external/kdumpcheck external/libvirt external/nut
external/rackpdu external/riloe external/vcenter
external/vmware external/xen0 external/xen0-ha
fence_legacy ibmhmc meatware
nw_rpc100s rcd_serial rps10
suicide wti_mpc wti_nps

Is there a way I can get this resource agent, or has it been replaced with something else ?