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Nope, I can independently confirm the ntpd process is running and functioning.

The symptom here is that depending on system activity, systemd stops being able to process new requests. systemd allows requests to come in (e.g. via an invocation of 'systemctl', but if I understand the source of dbus.c, when there are too many connections to it's outgoing stream, systemd rejects the efforts, apparently with no retry.

At $JOB, when we first spin up a new SLES12 host with our custom services, the number of connections to /run/systemd/private numbers in the mere hundreds. As workloads increase, the number of connections raises to the thousands.

Some hosts are plagued with the 'Too many concurrent' connections, some are not. Empirically, all I've been able to see is that the number of systemd's connections to /run/systemd/private tips over 4k.

- I can't demonstrate that there are any consumers of this stream.
- I can't explain why the connection count increases over time.
- The CONNECTION_MAX constant is hard-coded, and it gets increased every few months/years, but never seems to be expressed as something you can set in a config file.
- I don't know what tunables affect the lifetime/culling of those connections.

I have a hypothesis that this may be some resource leak in systemd, but I've not found a way to test that.
So, my SLES 12 Sp3 just runs SuMA, but I see no private directory. I'm assuming this is a systemd service your starting for your service? Almost sounds like the process keeps respawning and maybe needs a killmode added in the service to clean them up.