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Thanks for the reply Malcolm!

If I browse to https://nsi-rmt.netsysint.net I get connected to nsi-rmt; however the page is blank. But I can browse down into repo/SUSE/Products/SLE-SERVER/12-SP4/x86_64/product and see the directories for noarch, repodata, and x86_64 (which contains all the rpms). What I don't understand is why I can go through the YaST based install (using no boot parameters) get to the registration screen and enter simply: https://nsi-rmt.netsysint.net and it works. I don't understand how the value for the regurl boot parameter seems to be much more "literal" than what I specify at the YaST Registration Screen?


I would have thought it needs the extra part of the url (repo/SUSE/Products/SLE-SERVER/12-SP4/), maybe a bug?