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An application that we utilize will be requiring both starting in late 2019. The application is developed on Redhat/CentOS, which is slightly more aggressive in keeping up with current branches of applications (MariaDB 10.3 went -stable in May 2018, PHP7.3 in December 2018). I've thus far continued the fight for using SLE over Redhat/CentOS, but I'm not sure how much longer I win that discussion.

I understand how SLES works, I've been using it since SLE9. That's why my first question was if anyone had tried it and my second was just about a road map.
I guess I'll just have to play around and see what breaks. I know opensuse 15.1 is already on php73, so maybe just adding that repo will work.
Use the SLE 15 SP1 repository, will not be supported of course....