Hey guys!

I'm a new user of Tumbleweed, this is a really nice distro, but I have a -really inconvenient- problem with mounting my devices, I tested a USB-stick, USB-HDD and my smartphone.

I don't know how to reproduce, but sometimes if the system starts with one of my devices, it can't be mounted clicking on the device icon, the icon disappears and appear again, so I need to unplug the device.

Other problem is that sometimes mounted devices simply unmount and re-mount, or unmount and I have to unplug and insert again to mount.

I don't know if this is a hardware problem, because OpenSUSE was the first and only distro that I put on this PC, but I can confirm that all devices tested works great on Mint on laptop at my Apknite company.


Operating System: openSUSE Tumbleweed

CPE OS Name: cpe:/opensuse:tumbleweed:20190721

Kernel: Linux 5.1.16-1-default

Architecture: x86-64


AMD Athlon 200GE with Radeon Vega Graphics


16GB RAM @ 3000mhz