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Don't know if this is the right forum, if not, please point me in the right direction.

We have multiple vlans and have legacy boot pxe to work since many years, no we have to get started with UEFI and that's not working well fore us.
We can get uefi pxe to work on the same vlan as the server i placed but not from others vlans.

Here is the setup:
SLES 12 SP4 with dhcp server as its only purpose.
It is on its own vlan isolated from all other servers, no problem with this.

Zenworks 17.4 appliance server on the server vlan, and if we start a client on this vlan all works just fine, but if we start the client on the client vlan then it can't pxe boot in uefi.

We have a Cisco network so we have the ip -helper-address in the client vlan to point on the zenworksserver.

Anyone have any idea where to look?
You mention a ZENworks 17.4 appliance - is this where clients should be UEFI PXE booting from? If so, I think this is a question for the appropriate ZENworks discussion forum at the Micro Focus Community site @ https://community.microfocus.com/ .