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Thread: Can not close popup window

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    Can not close popup window

    Using Firefox (ESP) 10 for SUSE Linux 11. When a popup window opened with a OK button, it could not be closed. I encountered two issues:

    1) In a javascript I used


    then the popup window displayed: 100 OK.

    But when I clicked on the OK button, the popup failed to response such that it remained as it has been.

    2) Use window.local.href=""; in a javascript, the google site could not be launched; However,"") could launch the site successfully.

    How could I solve the problems?
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    Re: Can not close popup window


    I really mean window.location.href in the previous posting: 2) Use window.local.href="";


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    Re: Can not close popup window

    This sounds like the issue which was discussed on this thread and there's also a bug report filed against SLED about problems with dialogue boxes in Firefox.

    In that thread and the bug the fix is to uninstall the beagle-firefox package. So try removing beagle-firefox and see if that solves it.

    Personally I always remove all the beagle packages from SLED installs because I consider it an irritation rather than a help. With quota limited home directories mounted over the network it seems more like a liability. (The package libbeagle1 can't be remove without removing most of GNOME so I keep that one.)


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