I am running to a weird issue. After installation of Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop (this is a custom installation created using kiwi), I found that we are running two X servers one on tty7 (default) and one on tty2.

When I dug deep into the issue, the following is observed. The system onstartup runs only one X Server on tty7 with all the related services as user "gdm" on tty7. This I noticed by logging into console in tty1 before logging in at Xconsole in tty7. But immediately after logging in, when I run ps -aef | grep tty2, I found there is an X session started. All the processes were running under the username in which I logged in at tty7. This unnecessarily consumes additional resources.

The process tree which starts the second session is like this. "gdm-session-worker (pam/gdm--password)" -> "gdm-x-session --run-script gnome" --> "/usr/bin/X vt2 ...."

Need to understand which process is triggering gdm-session-worker

The desktop is gnome and window manager is gdm

Any hint in what could be going wrong?

Thank you