I am trying to print from Windows, an HP 1160 (parallel port) that is connected in a SLED 10 SP2 (cups-1.1.23-40.4)
The printer prints fine from SLED, but to configure the printer from windows as a network printer (IPP) not walk properly.
When sending a test page from windows, not printed out the test page expected, only @ PJL printer commands. example:

@PJL JOB NAME=" test page"
@PJL COMMENT="\\http://pcName:631\NamePrinter  (61.63.461.42); Microsoft Windows XP 5.1.2600.1; (and more numbers)
@PJL COMMENT="Username: Adminstrator; App Filename:test page; 8-14-2012"
@PJL SET JOBATTR="jobAcct1=Admistrator"
@PJL SET JOBATTR="jobAcct2=pcName"

(many lines more of SET ...)

) HP-PLC XL;2;0;  Comment fast raster packager
You dont know what else to look, if not look at the cups or windows .. (and reinstall the latest printer driver in Windows)

Any idea where to look?