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Thread: SLES 11 SP4 Getting Grub Rescue and DVD not detected

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    Re: SLES 11 SP4 Getting Grub Rescue and DVD not detected

    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmlewis View Post
    During install you need to add the driver from the HP Proliant iso images as well?

    Can you confirm the model, I only see gen9/10 systems....?

    The G7 is only for SLES 11 SP1?

    Do you have any HP support iso images available?

    I see a RAID Controller Driver for the PCI Embedded HP Smart Array B110i SATA RAID Controller.

    The instructions tell me to copy the driver image to a floppy drive and insert it but that is not possible. You suggested that I can add the driver image to the ISO before I burn to disk right?

    I have tried burning a copy of the SLES 11 SP1 ISO image to DVD and it would not boot up. I am not sure if I am missing some type of boot file or autorun on the DVD that will detect it as a boot file.

    Will download the RAID driver image for the RAID Controller and let you know if I can add it to the ISO image. You also mentioned that SLES 11 SP4 will not work with my server HP Proliant ML110 G7 right? So I will not to load the driver on the SP1 version.

    The part where you provided a link to the G7 SLES 11 SP1 is that a stand alone ISO for loading SLES 11 SP1 with all the drivers to load SUSE and get it on the server?
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