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Sadly, I have never had such requirements infront of me.

Have you considered also GFS2 or even XFS with drbd bellow?
As last resort a Gluster/CEPH cluster can also be tested, although the costs (hardware) will be higher.

I would be happy to learn more about your project.

P.S: you can also add 'nobarrier' mount option if you have a battery-backed cache.

One of the other guys on my team is trying GFS2 with cLVM. My next thing to try is going to be Lustre. We are doing this on a box called "Axellio" that has a shared internal PCIe fabric that lets both nodes access the NVMe drives (both nodes can see all of the SSDs, hence the requirement for a parallel file system). One of the nodes is going to be writing txt files @ 12.5GB/sec, and the other node is going to be reading them as fast as it can for analysis.


For Lustre, I'm envisioning both of the nodes as OSS, with clients installed on both so each can access the data.

I'll PM you with my contact info. It's a pretty interesting project.