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Thread: SAP HANA HA SBD STONITH device questions.

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  1. Re: SAP HANA HA SBD STONITH device questions.

    Sadly I couldn't find Suse Specific documentation.
    Actually the process would involve:
    1. Install corosync-qdevice on both nodes + the third location
    2. Check the man:
    man corosync-qdevice
    3. Open the firewall port. In RedHat documentation it's 5403/TCP
    4. Configure and start the qnetd on the third (shared for many clusters) location
    5. Configure corosync.conf on the cluster nodes and sync with csync2
    6. Reload corosync and verify with 'corosync-quorumtool -s' & ' corosync-cfgtool -s'

    Of course reloading corosync in production is more risky-> set the cluster in maintenance and stop the cluster - one node at a time 'crm cluster stop'.
    Then start in the opposite way (last stopped node is started first). Then verify 'crm_mon -r1' .
    Before removing the maintenance - use 'crm_simulate' to verify what will happen when the maintenance is off.
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