PauliusC wrote:

> I used YaST wagon for install (the GUI option) and I tried to do the
> full migration.
> As for the registration, I THINK that my system is registered
> properly, but I'm not really sure how I should verify it.

YaST wagon gets all the updates online. If your system is *not*
properly registered, you will *not* have access to the updates.

Check the status of your system in the Novell Customer Center:

One of the first things wagon does to your system is to setup the
correct repositories for the SP2 updates. If your system is properly
registered you will have access to the needed repositories.

Please post the output from:
zypper lr
It will be easier to read if your terminal screen is extra wide when
you run the command and if you post using "code tags". (Click on the
"Go Advanced" button then use the "#" from the tool bar, then insert
your text between the tags.)

> I guess there is no choice but to use the DVD then.

Not necessarily but it is always an option.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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