Trying to add the SLES11SP1 SDK to my Installation server (which is also
SLES11 SP1), when I get to the point where it asks for Disk2, it never
accepts my second iso as valid. My Installation server is a SLES11SP1
install running on top of VMWare ESX 3.5. I have tried copying the iso's
directly to the filesystem of my Installation server, mounting the iso's
across the VMWare Infrastructure client from my workstation, and burning
the iso's and mounting them via the ESX host server. Always YaST loads
the first iso's content ok but when prompted for the second iso, it
always just comes back and continually asks for the second iso, it never
sees the iso as the valid second iso.

I have loaded many versions of SLES into my installation server without
issue, it's just this SDK that seems to be problematic. Not sure if it's
the fact that it's a large (ie over 4.7GB) iso or what the issue is.
Second iso mount's fine if I try mounting it on same machine via same
methods, so VMWare driver must support large/double layer iso's.

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