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fhare <fhare@no-mx.forums.novell.com> wrote:

> Malcom,
> I am adding via YaST tui interface. I do not think you can add an
> install source repo via add-on products, that is for adding something
> like OES to your SLES install. I am just trying to add an installation
> source repo, not the SDK itself. I realize the SDK disk 2 is only
> source RPM's, and I do not currently need anything off it, but
> shouldn't it work anyway?
> BTW, installing the SDK for the x86 version works fine, with similar
> size iso's. It's only the x86_64 version that fails. Didn't realize it
> initially because I had not finished downloading the x86 SDK iso's. I
> had re-downloaded the x86_64 iso twice just to be sure it was not a
> corrupt iso, and mounted it and unpacked it also, it seems fine
> otherwise. I wonder, could it be that because my installation server
> is running SLES11SP1-x86, not x86_64, that could be the problem?
> Thanks

No, all the SDK, SMT etc are added via 'Add on products', this will
then add the information to the NCC site and update repositories.

What you need to do is install the SMT( Subscription Management Tool 11)
product since your on a 32bit system and deploy that way;

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