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Thread: problem install SLED SP2 in MACOS 10.8

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    Re: problem install SLED SP2 in MACOS 10.8


    thank you very much for kind reply.

    I've format all the disk of my new MacBook to install SLED 11 SP2. I've bought a license for one year.

    It always cliamed

    kenel panic

    when I am trying to install but it is fixed after I use option "acpi=off" in the boot line.

    Everything goes well during the installation. However, when I try to reboot the system, it is always a white screen of my MacOS. When I press coommand+s during the booting, I can finnally open grub and SUSE options.

    After SUSE start, I see lots of messages like:

    applesmc macm read arg fail

    when the login dialogue opened, I can enter gnome but my use logitech mouse doesn't work. the mouse light even doesn't turn on.

    thanks again

    Quote Originally Posted by smflood View Post
    On 30/09/2012 10:14, albumns wrote:

    > I've got a new MacBook Pro computer installed with MacOS 10.8 and I
    > would like to install SLED SP2 but it always failed after I boot from
    > DVD clicked installation. It always said: kernel panic.....
    > Does anybody know how to solve it?

    Which version of SLED SP2 are you trying to install? SLED _10_ SP2 or
    SLED _11_ SP2?

    Are you trying to install it as the primary boot OS (in place of Mac OS
    X 10.8), as a secondary OS (alongside Mac OS X 10.8, perhaps trying to
    use Boot Camp), or as a virtual machine? If the latter which
    virtualisation product are you using? VMwaer Fusion, Parallels Desktop
    for Mac, VirtualBox, etc. ?

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