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Hi and welcome!

btrfs is indeed supported and recommended, as it's still a young filesystem and development is quite active do take care not to use it as location to store your real (user) data. It should be fine to use for the OS bit, as you already mentioned has a great advantage of multiple roll-back options.

Why Clonezilla is having issues, not sure as the default options are used when installing SUSE. Have you maybe applied any extra btrfs options?

In any case, I'd opt to drop a question at the Clonezilla forums and/or mailing lists (as mentioned on the left side menu at http://clonezilla.org/downloads.php).
As Clonezilla devs hang out there, you might find help/a solution quicker.

Hi ;
I did not use any extra btrfs options, I did change the fstab mount to uuid. Since during an upgrade the defaults cannot be used.
I dropped a note here hoping to make Novell aware of the issues since btrfs is a new filesystem and Novell is recommending btrfs.