epretorious wrote:

> I think that you've misread the question, Ken.
> Please re-read the question:
> > But the Xen label does not load the *Xen VMM* - It loads the Linux
> > kernel..

Let's just say we're not communicating... :-)

1. I understand the Xen label does not load the *Xen VMM*.

2. The listing you provided shows two entries for the Xen kernel.
menu.lst normally has one entry for the standard kernel so this listing
is suspect and you don't show what file you are listing.

3. If this menu.list is used for booting, the 3.0.13-0.27-xen kernel
should be loaded. Can you verify this?

uname /a
If the 3.0.13-0.27-xen kernel is loaded but you don't have Xen
functions, then something may have gone wrong when you "Installed
Hypervisor and Tools". On the other hand, if you see a different kernel
has been loaded, I would suggest a different menu.list is referenced
during boot.

What do you see?

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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