Hi community,

Could you help a newbie, please? I've recently download and install SLES10.4 for tests. My company is looking for an OS for production system and SLES10.4 is one from the list. So, I have a physical server DELL PowerEdge R720xd. It has integrated NICs Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet BCM5720. The funny thing is the installed SLES10.4 doesn't see NICs. When I try to install a network card via YAST I just can't find driver I need from the yast list. There is even more strange that YAST can detect cards when I choose "Hardware Information" section. I've been fighting with the OS for nearly a day and I'm exhausted. I've already googled what driver I need for this type of card and manually loaded it on kernel. Now, when I do lsmod command I see the module I need (tg3) is in a memory. But the system doesn't see the driver. Even after reboot (the module is in the memory) yast doesn't provide me a proper driver from its list for final installation of network cards. Could you help me, please? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advice,