For scripting purposes (using autoit, to check the host up/ down and
port open/closed status for TCP ports, 3389 e.g.) I'm looking for a
command line tool, similar to nmap, but it should offer the following

- Exit Code represents the scan result,
e.g. Exit code 0=up and port is open, 1=up + closed, 3=host down

- full functionality in *ONE SINGLE* EXE file (nmap needs a bunch of
files and pcap)

the 2nd one is the more important one, if I can pipe the output to a
file and analyse that one later (like possible for NMAP) it's fine.

The reason is, that all tools using the Win Net APIs seem to always
wait, until a timeout occurres after several seconds, no matter, what's
the timeout setting of that tool was set, e.g. 50ms.

Any suggestions appreciated, regards, Rudi.