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As best I can tell from what I've found online, that just indicates that the audio decoding isn't being hardware accelerated, which doesn't matter.

I've no idea what you have audio issues with these files you could play OK with SP1. The screenshot you posted earlier indicated that the audio is atsc a/52 and lib52 hasn't been updated for ages.

Is it practical for you to host one of the problem files somewhere I can download it from and then send me the url via Private Message?

The only other thing I can think of is to try transcoding the file in to something else. I rip everything in to H.264/AAC in and mp4 container because everything I'd ever want to watch video on, even my phone, plays that. Pretty much everything plays H.264/AAC in mp4 these days. I've used HandBrake to transcode video files in other formats/codecs to H.264/AAC/mp4. You can probably get HandBrake for SLED from Packman or somewhere. I built it from source. Because that's more fun. For varying definitions of fun. But mainly the same reason I build additional plugins for gstreamer from source, I don't like adding third party packages that replace packages included in SLED.
I think they're all relatively huge in size when it comes to uploading to some website. I could send you a part of the file if I had any video editing program. I'll get to that at some point. But now I can't afford to install anything, because my root filesystem is almost full, however, I'll probably create a new topic for that, as I am totally lost why that has happened suddenly.

Thank you for help.