today i upgrade from SLES 10 SP3, to SLES 10 SP4, i have a cluster
working with several SLES machines, one of them works as management
node, and several commands are executed from mgmt node to the client
nodes over ssh, i can ssh directly to each node in my environment, but
when i try to execute a command from the mgmt node (ssh nodename.com
'whatever' ) i got the following message : bash: whatever: command not
found. i first thought of PATH not being exported on the client nodes,
but if login into each single node, PATH seems to be fine, and all
commands are executed with no problem. Also by checking the
/etc/ssh/ssh_config file i found Protocol 2 is not commented on SP4, and
it is on SP3, i commented this line on SP3, and restart sshd daemon, but
still not able to execute remotely commands on SP4 machines. Any other
parameter i might be missing? (system is configiured with RSA keys for
passworless), what changed between SP3 and SP4 that this is blocked now?

no firewall
ssh passwordless
SP4 can run remote commands on SP3 machines
PATH is properly configured across the cluster

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