13.02.2013 13:24, koktelici wrote:
> So, i recently bought HP ProBook 4740s with SLED 11 SP2 (installed from
> Recovery partition on first boot). My laptop did not come with any
> install disk or licence number.
> The thing is I got no information on it, for example how long is
> licence valid.
> Since I plan to dual boot it with Windows 7 I'm gonna need install disk
> to repair Grub apparently or in case that I have to delete it to install
> Win7 first.
> I've found in Novell's Knowledgebase that SLED that come with laptops
> "are entitled to 90-days of updates" which I'm not sure what it means.

Use CreateRecoveryISO application for create Recovery Disk. It is may be
preinstalled on notebook. If this program missing, try register SLED in
SUSE by Yast or suse_register script. This is will enable HP BNB repos,
where is CreateRecoveryISO package stored.