13.02.2013 16:34, koktelici wrote:
> I can create Recovery disk , that's no problem but recovery from that
> disk will wipe everything from the disk and return disk to factory
> install. I need install disk for SLED to install it alongside Win7.
> Since it is OEM SLED that came with laptop I do not have any install or
> registration number which is mandatory to register product.

No registration number needed for register HP OEM SLED. When you perform
the registration, leave the serial field blank and receive a free 3 year
update subscription.
You can do this: first, setting up SLED from Recovery Partition, then
setting up the Win7 and finally fix GRUB by livecd (or Recovery Disk in
command mode).
Previously it would be nice to make a Recovery Partition or the entire
disc image.