let me explain first explain arhitecture situation:
- 4 node ESXi 5 cluster
- two SLES for VMware 11 SP2 machines on different ESXi hosts
- two network cards, data card in data vlan, ha card in ha vlan
- corosync 1.4.1
- Apache2 service
- Follow links, for detailed HA configuration
- apache1 https://www.vicic.si/mail/owncloud/p...71d0305bc4872b
- apache2 https://www.vicic.si/mail/owncloud/p...6b6b62910f9f1f


1. When I have both servers UP everything works fine. If I power off stand by server everything works fine, If I power off active server cluster fail down. When server which were active before power on cluster works again.
2. Migration of services take very long time. Mostly don't even happen if I don't user force.

If you need any other system information please let me knew.

Thanks for any help.