Hi all: We are still rocking with Border Manager on a NW6.5 sp8 box. We have a 16 block of static IPs hung off of the public interface (from ISP1). Downstream is our Cisco 2811 router. When traffic leaves the pulbic interface it shows it going out from one of our static IP addresses (ISP1).

OK, so far so good, everything is fine. But we are adding a Comcast business class cable circuit to act as a redundant internet access pipe and backup to some P2P T1s going to branch offices. The Comcast service gives us one static IP address (ISP2).

Now here is the problem, when traffic leaves Border Manager, it is coming from our static IP (ISP1) as that is our primary carrier. However, in the event of a failure, the traffic will shift over to Comcast (ISP2) at the router level, but the packets will still be coming from our BM server with an IP address associated with ISP1. Traffic will still go out OK, but it will ALWAYS try to comeback on ISP1 and of course will fail since that curcuit is down.

My question is this: What firewall appliance/software would allow us to make this system work? I know SuperLumin is the BM replacement, but I don't know if it can handle this task. Meraki may work , but it is spendy.

Thanks for your time and input, Chris.