I have a pretty unusual network setup due to my static IPs being on a Uverse DSL connection. Basically you are stuck using the router they provide and there is only one model that even half way supports static IP addresses. The only way to actually use them is to set up a public DHCP server with the 5 usable addresses you get. You also need to set up a private DHCP server and tell it to use the private one so it doesn't give your static IP address to any machine. Then to actually use the static IP addresses you have to assign them to the machine directly. No ipmap, no nat just give the machine the address. I know it's crazy but that is the only way to do it. So basically what I have is 3 existing servers taking up 3 of the 5 static IP address and each also having a 192.168.x.x address as well while leaves me with only 2 global (but plenty of local) IP addresses of left for servers. So what I need to know is what actually needs those global IP addresses. If both the SLES 11 host and the OES 11 client do then I'm out of IPs for anything else and it would seem actually going with a VM setup would be a waste at that point. If not then what does actually need the global IP and how would you configure this/what would the setup look like? Machine does have 2 network cards.