First of all, they are not selling it. They never have, it is open
source and free. If you can build it from source you can get the latest
from sourceforge as the last RPM was for 3.8.4 server. Filr is nice but
only if you are already using the Novell fee based offering of software
such as OES or SLES, not openSUSE. I'm not sure if it will stand alone
like iFolder or if it can integrate into LDAP/AD

Are you asking about the open source development? That is updated on the
sourceforge site but there is no offical RPMs in the repo for anything
other than 3.8.4 and even then you are limited on which openSUSE version
you are using.

The big issues are having the correct mono version (2.6.7) and libflaim
(not libxflaim).

As of 3.9 and any subsequent release the development is only supported
and released for SLES or OES which are paid solutions, iFolder 3.9 is
not in the repos for openSUSE.
People have gotten iFolder server 3.8.4 to run under openSUSE 12.1 and
12.2 (waiting on a tutorial for 12.3 and is working on this
and i'm sure jeremy pavlov from is as well) (3.9 server

I know that there are service contracts for a certain number of years
out there for OES and SLES and because of these contracts Novell HAS to
patch bugs and update for things like Windows 8 until those run out.
After that I have no doubt that iFolder will be retired permanently. I
personally believe this because of the Attachmate acquirement of Novell
and if you noticed, this forum (old novell forum) is netiq which is
owned by attachmate and in case you
didn't know, attachmate and Microsoft are bed buddys

I think it's just business as usual for the "group"
"In January, 2009, Jeff Hawn, the president and CEO of Attachmate, was
sentenced to 10 days in jail for authorizing the 2008 slaughter of 32 of
his neighbor's bison that had wandered onto his Colorado ranch."

I know how great iFolder is and have found a group that agree. Join us
at to produce a superior product to iFolder while keeping
this open and free licensing model.


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