I have the following error/incident.

ReiserFS damaged due to bad shutdown with USB device busy.
USB drive was removed later.

While attempting for reiserfsck rebuild-tree to correct the issue it posts the following error message on sda2 (HDD).

The Problem has occured looks like a hardward problem. If you have bad blocks, we advice you to get a new hard drive, because once you get one bad block that the disk drive internals can't hide from your sight, the chances of getting more are generally said to become much higher (precise statistics are unknown to us, and this disk drive is probably not expensive enough for you to you to risk your time and data on it. if you don't want to follow that advice then if you have just a few bad blocks, try writing to the bad blocks and see if the drive remaps the bad blocks (that means it takes a block it has in reserve and allocates it for use for of that block number. If it cannot remap the block, use badblock option (-B) with reiserfs utils to handle this block correctly.

bread: cannot read the block 4738385: (Input/Output) error.

appreciating much if some suitable suggestions on it.