First, let me preference this with that fact I have no experience at all with Citrix XenServer. All my experience is in the VMware world.

I'm trying to install SLES 11 SP2 under Citrix XenServer 6.1 and I have a number of questions. I'm finding almost no information at all about installing SLES under XenServer.

My first question is related to disk. Most data I found say the disk should show up as /dev/xvd* or at least that is what you want to use. Well, on this particular server at the partitioning menu, I don't see /dev/xvd* devices under Expert Partitioner. I see the same disk shown as BOTH /dev/hda AND /dev/sda. The /dev/sda shows up with a type of QEMU-HARDDISK. I'm not sure what to pick here or why. Can someone direct me on that?

Second, during the installation, you can pick Physical or Virtual. In the VMware world I also pick physical since VMware is not paravirtualized. But I think Xen is, so should I be picking that during the installation?

Lastly, are there any other general guidelines or best practices for installing SLES under XenServer 6.1? I'm planning on making this an OES box as well.

Thanks for any help!