Hi All,
I am trying to install SUSE for SAP applications 11 SP1, but
continuosly hit some error, the first error I get is " The installation
requires atleast 539 Gb of disk space for the root partition. Hardware
requirements are not met", if we ignore this error then get an error "
Partition sapdata need 5.0 MB more disk space, please deselct some
packages" then finally get the following error where the installation
stops to continue and just fails, error details "Failure occured during
following action Creating volume group data_vg System Error code -4004".
All this errors occur during the step "Perform Installation". During the
default OS installation we do not create any volume groups these are
default script that runs by itself and just fails. Is this a common
error, could you please let me know why we get this error?

If we install SLES 11 SP1 then we dont hit any errors the installation
goes smooth even with a Boot LUN size of 75 GB. We hit error occurs only
when we install SUSE for SAP applications 11 SP1 version.

I have a root partition created for around 350 Gb? Any inputs to
resolve this issue would be very helpful. Thanks for your help.

Thanks and Regards,

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