we have a global file system (Quantum StorNEXT) up and running in a HA config.
2 MDC are controlling the file systems. The hardware are 2 DELL 1950, with 16G RAM, 3GHz CPU and a 4 GB FC HBA.
Both are running SLES 10 SP4 (x86_64).
We exchanged one machine. The new one is a DELL R620, 32GB, 3.3 E5-CPU, 8GB FC HBA.
On this node we installed SLES 11SP1 (higher is not supported for the Software).
The node is working well, but the performance as meta data server for the filesystem
is 10-20% SLOWER compared to the 1950!
In both case we are using only the default drives. On both machines qlogic hba are installed.

Any idea, what's going on ? We never set any kernel specific data ...

it's the first time I saw a new machine performing slower then an old one!

Bye, Peer