Hi All,

We are in the process of upgrading SLES VM's to SLES 11.3 & we have different versions running on VM like SLES 10.3, SLES 11.1 & SLES 11.2 Our goal is to upgrade all the Legacy SLES 10,SLES 11.x box to SLES 11.3 OS, so that all the OSes are at the same RPM-level

We used SLES 11.3 ISO image for upgrading the test systems. Test systems include SLES 10.3,SLES11.1,SLES11.2. We followed Novell's suggested upgrade method i.e

SLES 10.3 > SLES 10.4 > SLES 11.3
SLES 11.1 > SLES 11.2 > SLES 11.3
SLES 11.2 > SLES 11.3

After upgrade we found the rpm levels were not same on all the OSes & it's different. Some system have advanced version than others which is inconsistent. Also SLES 11.3 has SLED rpm's in ISO image, which was installed along with upgrade

Could some body provide info on this... How to upgrade systems to SLES 11.3 so that all the OS rpms at the same level.