Thank you for the link, downloading now and I'll try to install it...

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I see mention of MP3 multiple times in this discussion but I don't see anyone point out that SLED ships with MP3 playback support.

$ zypper info gstreamer-0_10-fluendo-mp3
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package gstreamer-0_10-fluendo-mp3:

Repository: SLED11SP3-Pool
Name: gstreamer-0_10-fluendo-mp3
Version: 12-4.7.18
Arch: x86_64
Vendor: SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany
Support Level: Level 2
Installed: Yes
Status: up-to-date
Installed Size: 1.2 MiB
Summary: Gstreamer mp3 plugin from Fluendo
Fully licensed mp3-decoder binary as available from free of charge. The source code has a free
MIT-like license, as explained in
My approach with SLED is add packages, but don't replace packages that are provided in SLED. That is the approach which led me to come up with
I managed SLED installations with numerous additional packages installed and have successfully obtained support from SUSE.

Ultimately the only way you can decide whether SLED will meet your needs is to try it and see. Are you aware that you can download a copy of SLED for free? It keeps working forever, you just don't get any updates after 60 days.

FWIW, I just downloaded Komodo-IDE and it launched fine. I have no idea how to actually use it though so all I can say is it launched without errors. It's supplied as a .tar.gz so zypper/YaST isn't involved, you unpack it, run the install script and tell it where to install.