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Thread: Broken Video Display

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    oldcpu NNTP User

    Re: Broken Video Display

    John Gill;2582396 Wrote:
    > I did this stuff which seemed to fix the problem ....
    > From the prompt I ran "sax2 -r -m 0=vesa"
    > and then ran "cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.install"
    > then rebooted the device and all is good again.

    wrt the solution you adopted, was it necessary to copy the content of
    the xorg.conf into the xorg.conf.install ? Would it not work if both
    files were present ?

    My recollection with older openSUSE variants (which I believe SLED is
    based upon) was that if there is an xorg.conf file present, it will take
    priority over an xorg.conf.install, and hence there would be no need to
    overwrite xorg.conf.install. Although I guess if one is installing from
    the SuSE studio created .iso, then maybe one wishes a specific VESA
    configuration to be applied in which case perhaps what you adopted is
    nominally best. Typical openSUSE installs have a menu selection for
    VESA, but its possible a SuSE studio .iso does not have such (we need
    someone with SuSE studio experience to chime in here).

    Also, I suppose having 2 files (xorg.conf and xorg.conf.install) uses up
    more space than just having one file, which may be important if space is
    a premium.

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    Re: Broken Video Display

    Hey oldcpu,

    Well here is a funny story ..... So while trying to fix the snowy video, I changed the SaX2 config to use the VESA settings. A better display but a little out of focus (a bit like when I have had one too many whiskys). I also found the "Lock Screen" and "Logout" and "Restart" and "Switch User" didn't work properly. mmmh more stuff to try and fix later. I discovered that the video is an ATI Radeon embedded video. Downloaded the driver from the AMD site. It seems as if AMD now own ATI. (enuff with the acronyms). Back to the thin client I am trying to build (Thanks SuSE Studio). I try to install the video package in an X terminal and get weird errors, like insufficient disk space (500mb used to install the driver..., random shutdowns ......) Where to next, confusion reigns! Mumble grumble... So in a desperate attempt I now reboot the device in "failsafe mode" and login as root. I am now at run level 3 (I think), I reinstall the ATI driver and shutdown. Mutter mutter, curse, curse, if this doesn't work I think I will use the device as an anchor or something. Next thing the login box appears all crisp and clear and I login. Shutdown, Logout, Switch User and Restart all work again. Yah!! It's all linked together somewhere, hahaha .... So my job is done, onto the next project!

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