We have a website running on Sles10 using apache. The server is running
OES2 w/SP3. Our document root is on a NSS volume. All of a sudden the
other day we started getting error 403's while trying to load our
website. The pages will not load internally or externally. Localhost
does not work either. Apache seems to be working correctly because
webpages that are NOT on the NSS volume load correctly internally and
externally. For example, groupwise web access works fine and groupwise
is runnning on the same server. I have checked our edirectory to make
sure the WWWRUN user is lum enabled and has the correct rights. I have
also checked the linux user to make sure WWWRUN exists. I cannot seem to
find a permission error anywhere. The apache config files look to be in
order as well and everything was working until the other day. All the
novell management services are also running correctly. Anyone have any
ideas? Thanks in advance for any input.

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