I have a SLES11, sp2 environment, and none of the machines are able to get outside the network. There's incoming data for their webapp, but otherwise they are locked down.
I need to be able to patch them, so I've installed SMT on a Suse box on another VLAN, and setup rules so it can talk to the VLANs that the other machines live in. And this works, to an extent.
I'm able to register the individual VMs with the SMT box, but am unable to get the SMT added on them. I don't have the SMT server in my dns, so I add the server to my hosts file. My steps are:
1. Add SMT server to host file using
echo 192.168.x.x pcipfesmt.x.com pcipfesmt >> /etc/hosts
2. Download clientSetup4SMT.sh to client box & make it executable
wget -O /tmp/clientSetup4SMT.sh https://pcipfesmt.x.com/repo/tools/clientSetup4SMT.sh && chmod +x clientSetup4SMT.sh
3. run clientSetup4SMT.sh
./clientsetup4SMT.sh --host pcipfesmt.x.com
The registration here usually fails, during refreshing service 'SMT_http_pcipfesmt_x_com'. It says "Download (curl) error for 'http://pcipfesmt.x.com//repo/repoindex.xml?credentials=NCCcredentials':
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: couldn't connect to host"
Retrying doesn't work, of course, so I abort, am told to file a bug report, am also told that registration was successful, and am taken back to the prompt. The registration shows up on the smt-server, and patch status shows up as unknown or up-to-date. None of the mirrored repositories are added to the client.

I would say that this could be network related, however I'm able to connect to the box from the client to download the cert. Can anyone offer any help?