If I boot with USB3 external drive attached to pcie StarTech USB3 adapter (NEC uPD720200 Rev 04, device 1033:1094), USB3 device is disconnected soon after boot. dmesg shows:
xhci_hcd: Do not support expand command ring
xhci_hcd: ERR: No room for command on command ring
xhci_hcd: xHCI host not responding to stop endpoint command
xhci_hcd: Assuming host is dying, halting host
xhci_hcd: HC died, cleaning up
usb 5-1 USB disconnect, device number 2

If I attach the drive after booting, I can mount it and copy files to it. But when I try a read (mv /mnt/somefile /anywhere) of the USB3 device, I get i/o errors and dmesg shows many lines of:
sdb1: previous I/O error to superblock detected
sdb1: error: ext2_get_inode: unable to read inode block

This fails with 3 different pcie USB3 host adapters and 2 different 2TB USB3 drives.
It originally worked with SLES11 SP2 x86_64 prior to patching. Kernel is now 3.0.93-0.5-default.
It also works on same hardware running SLES11 SP3 x86_64.

Anyone see this problem with SP2?