The output you gave from rpcinfo -p is either not for the Celerra NFS
server or the Celerra server has serious problems. That output looks
more like the client's own information. What address did you put in as
the x.x.x.x? As stated in my original reply, that was to be the ip
address of the Celerra. You can *run* the command from the client, but
it is to point to the Celerra's address. If that is really the
Celerra's information, then it is not even successfully running an NFS
daemon, nor a mount daemon, nor NFS lock manager daemon. All of which
should be running if the Celerra is an NFS server. Indeed, your error
says, "mount.nfs: mount to NFS server 'x.x.x.x:/sapextract' failed: RPC
Error: Program not registered" and according to the rpcinfo list, that
is true: The mount daemon is not registered (running) on your target.

So maybe your x.x.x.x was not correct, or maybe there is a duplicate IP
address on the network so you're not reaching the host you think you are

Do your other "working" clients get more services showing up when they
do "rpcinfo -p x.x.x.x" with the same Celerra IP address? Are those
other clients on the same subnet as the non-working client, or a
different subnet?

But putting aside the concern of whether the IP address is correct and
whether services are registered correctly on the Celerra, and just
considering other things that might be influencing your ability to mount
on the client side:

If the Celerra has more than one IP address bound to it, try pointing
your client's mount request to the other IP address.

Try adding the parameters "proto=tcp,mountproto=tcp" to your client
mount options.

LAN trace analysis could be very helpful, especially if you analyzed
simultaneous packet traces taken from sles 11 nfs cleint and celerra nfs
server. If might also be useful to trace one of the working system
examples for comparison.

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